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Fahlburg - Where history is vivid

Fahlburg Castle, originally a medieval stronghold was purchased around 1600 by the counts Brandis, who converted it into a Renaissance castle of residential character.

For quite some time the building was used as a summer residence as well as seat of a court.
At Fahlburg Jakob Andrä Brandis wrote his famed work "History of the rulers of the Tyrol" which signalled the beginning of Tyrolean historiography.

Fahlburg today is one of the few historic buildings retaining its original character:
The magnificent furniture, the tiled stoves and the frescoed ceilings by Stefan Kesseler (1622 - 1700) are all in the late Renaissance style.
The estate is part of the ancient heritage of the counts Brandis and is managed by members of the family.

Old picture of the Fahlburg

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